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Let the landscape unwind your imagination

Tsukiyo ("moonlit night" in Japanese) is an invitation to immerse yourself in the features, colors, and poetry in an inner journey through the imagination, a moment in which it is possible to give life to unique stories.

These are 5000 unique Polygon-based NFTs generated by the combination of over 300 different traits, and each of them is flanked by a unique poem, inspired by Japanese haiku, randomly generated through the combination of 90 different lines.

Tsukiyo 3661



Bonny tomorrow.
A tired knight procedes,
out of paradise.

A work that combines multiple genres of traditional art with digital generative algorithms to create a "collection of moments" that remain suspended in abstract space.

A landscape that comes to life

An abstract composition of forms that are born in a state of quiet and that time will transform into a unique work. Each NFT, at the time of minting, looks the same and then acquires its own identity at the reveal date.

Tsukiyo waits to show himself
Icona freccia
Tsukiyo revealed


Traditionally, writers of haiku have focused on expressing emotionally suggestive, brief moments of insight into natural phenomena by painting vivid pictures using few words readable in one breath and transmitting a sense of sudden enlightenment. Haiku originated in Japan and is a relatively new type of japanese poetry.

Traditional Haiku

The haiku's structure follows one line of five syllables, one line of seven syllables, and one line of five syllables again, for a total of 17 syllables.

Given its simplicity, every word plays a central role and must be chosen carefully to capture a single idea that lends itself well to imagery. It makes the reader use all the five senses and through a sensual experience, create a visual story of the few rhymes.

Digital poems

The goal of these haiku-inspired poems is to create a connection between the traditional and the digital. The 5000 poems are generated by the random combination of 90 phrases in groups of 3, similarly to the structure of a haiku poem, in turn, generated through the use of specific keywords that refer to nature and unusual events. The aim is not to convey an already existing message but to create inputs to inspire the reader to tell a story, making sure that the artwork reaches its state of completeness.

  • Dour evenfall.

  • Radiance fountain.

  • Depressing autumn.

  • Misty twilight.

  • Icy winter time.

  • Good quiet nighttime.

  • Showery midnight.

  • White january.

  • Warm february.

  • Parched marching music.

  • Idyllic april.

  • Moist english may.

  • 16th shaggy june.

  • Meandering thoughts.

  • Infinite august.

  • Near september.

  • Orange october.

  • Northern november.

  • Colorless december.

  • Cheery summertime.

  • Floodlit eventide.

  • Fatigued yesterday.

  • Happy nowadays.

  • Bonny tomorrow.

  • Wickedness forsake.

  • Colorful ago.

  • Rosy approaching.

  • Golden sand dune.

  • Achromatic mound.

  • Bottomless valley.

  • A splendid, giant cloud shines,

  • A lotus, sweet blossom sings,

  • A slow, hidden fire flees,

  • A single, lonely leaf flies,

  • A black, bouncy pebble falls,

  • A luminous dust travels,

  • A little, gracious fox looks,

  • A fast, elegant eagle glides,

  • A little, furry bird skips,

  • For a sandy, wise beetle eats,

  • A white, occult rainbow grows,

  • When a green, noisy bee moves,

  • A freshwater, slow snail lives,

  • A tired knight procedes,

  • An ancient, olive tree stands,

  • A black crow's song flows,

  • An own, translucent ghost strolls,

  • An isolated house stands,

  • The nature, immense paintings paint,

  • A pure, fresh water sprinkles,

  • A dim lamp glows,

  • A previous, long day falls,

  • Shall a friendly, bright smile shines,

  • When a common, calm frog moves,

  • A little, innocent cub looks,

  • A term, real memory sleeps,

  • A hopeful, energic root grows,

  • Then a hungry, huge wolf hears,

  • A rare, mad butterfly sings,

  • A fair, ripped cloth flows,

  • betrayed by the moon.

  • at the perfect breeze.

  • in spite of the wave.

  • beyond the surface.

  • around the lake.

  • over the village.

  • above the petal.

  • enjoying the sky.

  • hearing the howl.

  • whilst watching the soil.

  • out of reflection.

  • across the grass.

  • in the long shadow.

  • through the scorching sand.

  • while the time goes.

  • announcing the fall.

  • betrayed by the ray.

  • beyond the window.

  • in spite of the snowflakes.

  • under the gust.

  • out of the flame.

  • whilst watching the fog.

  • whilst watching the sunset.

  • called by the light.

  • at the sparkling drop.

  • before the color.

  • when the fruit falls.

  • in spite of the thunder.

  • out of paradise.

  • over the stone.

Tsukiyo is an experiment that aims to propose a new way of interrelating and interacting with the different communicative media of the art world. An NFT does not have to be just an image but can contain strong emotional meaning, it can be an imaginary and unique world created by the reader himself.


January 2022

Concept creation

February-April 2022

Paintings and haiku generation

May-June 2022

Website creation

June-July 2022

Social media and marketing

10 September 2022

Presale open

10 October 2022

Public sale open

10 November 2022


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Tsukiyo waits to show himself


Lover of Japanese culture, he likes to tell and listen to fantastic stories

Tsukiyo revealed


She loves to paint and get lost in the plot of a good book